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Chiropractic brings full body healing through spinal care. Here are a few testimonials that speak for us. Which one sounds like you?

Low Back Pain

Sara F.

With life-long back instability, I came to Dr. Powderly with my (then) infant to try and regain some strength and lessen my lower back pain. I definitely have been able to regain just that and help to further advance my degeneration in a holistic way. My daughter gets adjusted too- which has definitely helped with her teething! She's super friendly and great with kids- and genuinely cares about her patients. I've refered many other new mamas to her to help with postnatal issues

Chiropractic Education

Caitlin T.

I am so thankful to have found Life Adjusted Chiropractic! I’ve been to a couple of chiropractors prior to this visit, but none of them are on Dr. Breanna’s level! She took a full hour to explain the ins and outs of her chiropractic work and why/how our bodies work the way they do. Throughout my entire adjustment (which was amazing!), Dr. Breanna took the time to explain her method and how it would benefit my body. After just one visit, I already notice a positive difference in how I’m feeling. I would absolutely recommend Life Adjusted—Dr. Breanna is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate, and I can’t wait to work with her in my visits to come!

Personalized Care

Marina B.

When I find something awesome and amazing- I’m the kind of person who wants the world to know about it. It’s like I feel selfish keeping something so great to myself. Last year I went to a chiropractor that a lot of people recommended. After all the recommendations I was excited to see this chiropractor and hopeful he would be able to help. After 4 sessions I left with more pain than when I started, and all that hope I had, was gone.. Today I went to see a new chiropractor, Dr. Breanna Powderly. In just my first visit with her, she did more for me than the other doctor did in 4 sessions. I feel like it’s so rare these days to find a doctor who truly cares, who truly wants to help- who isn’t in it just for the $$ — but in it because they want to help people. Dr Breanna spent 40 minutes just talking with me.... before she even started any of the physical exam! She didn’t just ask me generic questions about my medical history- she asked me questions and listened for the answer- and then continued to dig further. You can feel how passionate she is about what she does and about helping people. When it was time for the physical exam and the adjustment- she explained everything. Every step- everything she was going to do and why she was doing it. What I love is that when she was adjusting my neck, when it wasn’t doing what she needed it to- she didn’t force it, she listened to my body and stopped instead of forcing it and then causing even more damage. Her confidence in being able to better my quality of life- with less pain, gives me hope. I walked out of that office not saying “ I really hope she knows what she is talking about” —- I definitely didn’t question that because she obviously does know what she is talking about. I walked out of her office calling my husband immediately saying “I just know she will help me”.

TMJ Pain

Marisa A.

A few days ago I saw a video on Facebook of Dr. Powderly and loved her enthusiasm for what she does. I knew there was something different about her than any previous chiropractors that I have seen. I reached out to her and had my first appointment today. Besides being very easy to talk to and personable, she is extremely knowledgeable and taught me so much today! She is so good at what she does and you can tell she absolutely loves helping people! I thought for the last year or so that I had TMJ (the dentist even wrote me a referral for an oral surgeon but it was too expensive). I thought I was just going to have to deal with the pain of my jaw popping out when I eat for the rest of my life. After my appointment today, I no longer have that pain! It is absolutely amazing and I can’t thank her enough!! I didn’t even tell her about it because I didn’t think it was a chiropractic issue, but she saw or felt something and adjusted it in a way that it removed the pain!! I am beyond grateful that I met her and even though my insurance does not cover it, I will continue to go to her because she is worth every penny!!

Chiropractic for anxiety

Katelind K.

Dr. Breanna has helped me tremendously. I was taking Anxiety medication every day and still struggling to keep it together. And one short month of being under her care I have come off of the medication and I have felt amazing. I have no urge to need medication and I’ve learned how to control the anxiety

Spinal Care for Athletes

Chris M.

As a competitive athlete I was looking more for a way to make sure my body was performing at its best. Dr. Smith made sure I was always in peak condition and understood why chiropractic was essential to that!


Carolyn R.

After the week ive had and all my traveling for my job, I'm feeling like a million bucks! No more headaches! And I can take the deepest breaths ever now! 

Car Accidents

Leigh G.

I recently was in a minor car accident and had back pain. The care I have received from Dr. Smith helped me heal very quickly and I know in a long lasting way. I always love how she answers my questions in a respectful and honest way, she has taught me so much about my health. Thank you!!


Rebecca L.

Dr. Smith is very knowledgable, personable and professional. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and definitely contribute enjoying my pregnancy to her skillful regular adjustments. Sending all my mama friends to her!

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